Greg Hayslett Designs

Architect, Furniture Designer / Fabricator and Much More

     I have had the opportunity through school and in my current position to build design skills and get exposure to a variety of programs.  My firm’s clients and leadership have complimented me on my professionalism, communication skills, punctuality, creativity and skill throughout all stages of the architectural process.  I also have experience that is hard to come by in the office setting.  I worked for years in a woodshop; building furniture, models and artistic works.  While many architects must rely on convention to understand how a building and its materials fit together, I have worked on numerous houses through mission work and Habitat for Humanity and have built a house from the ground up that was designed with my fellow students at Tulane.  I have traveled the world with a fascination towards the diversity of our cultures and our world.  Ultimately, my variety of experience and my high level of adaptability will make me a better employee and asset to your company that will help to grow your firm.

     I have never stopped learning, despite graduating years ago; and though I have had the opportunity to carry some of my original designs from a sketch in my notebook through final completion, I strive to make more impact on the built environment.  I believe in the power of Architecture to enrich the human condition and as a force for good.  I offer you the same dedication, creativity, attention to detail, tenacity, initiative and commitment to excellence that I have consistently provided throughout my career.  In my current position, I must be able to adapt and multi-task while maintaining attentive focus on individual tasks and schedules, and I do so; always seeking more responsibility.  I work face-to-face and coordinate with clients, consultants and contractors, and I have worked both individually from a remote office and in collaboration with other architects and drafters to create DD’s and CD’s generated from my own SD.  I enjoy interacting with others and I am eager to learn and share ideas in a team environment.

     I have earned 5520 out of 5600 hours required by IDP, and I look forward to passing the exams quickly so that I may sooner call myself an Architect.  I am searching for a firm that offers me a long term opportunity so that I can dedicate myself to growing with and advancing within the team.  I would love to hear from you and would greatly appreciate an opportunity meet in person to discuss my other experience and qualifications.  Feel free to contact me any time. | 5O4.92O.O32O

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